Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pricentile?

Pricentile is a shopping search engine. You can compare prices (including shipping) from online stores from around the world. We then show you which products are available for shipping to your country in your local currency. We currently have fragrances only.

Why is Pricentile the most accurate in the world?

Most price comparison websites, including Google Shopping, get their prices sent every day by participating “partner” shops. This means that:

Pricentile works like a web search engine: we don't wait for the shop to send us prices.

We do this each and every day.

How do you calculate shipping?

We look at the shipping rates published by each shop and build a model to calculate the costs, including free shipping deals, additional surcharges, etc.

How do you decide which shops to add?

We look for trustworthy shops with clearly published shipping rates and good product selection.

How do I suggest a new shop?

You can send an email to